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Research Assistants

Pawel Eljasz

Computer Officer

Pawel Eljasz Contact: pe243[at]


Tony Olmert

Research Assistant

In the Bahn lab, I look forward to helping run the daily logistics of an upcoming research trial, following up on the recently completed spot depression trial. My academic training proceeded from an undergraduate degree in business from University of Virginia to the bioscience enterprise program here at Cambridge, then most recently the post-baccalaureate premedical program at Johns Hopkins. While applying to medical schools back in the U.S., I hope to soak up as much as possible from the multitalented team we have here.

Contact: abo26[at]



Nitin Rustogi

Senior Chief Research Technician

NitinScience has always fascinated me. I completed my B.Tech in Biotechnology from Maharishi Dayanand University (India) where I learned in depth about various aspects of biotechnology. A Masters of Research in Biotechnology from University of Essex (UK) gave me further insight in to the warps and woofs of international research practices. During my dissertation, I got involved in clinical proteomics using mass spectrometry. I have been working in the field of mass spectrometry based proteomics for over 5 years now and hone excellent technical skills. Scientific research has its origins in a very fundamental human character curiosity. It is very important though, to ask the right question. Research in biotechnology has raised many relevant questions and I would like to be one of the people working towards the answers.

Contact: nr412[at]