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Research Assistants

Pawel Eljasz

Computer Officer

Paweł Eljasz

To most of us not in "science" strictly it'll probably come as a surprise - amount of raw(machine rendered) data a  small sized lab can produce. Then put together a few of those, maybe not all small size, and it becomes easier to understand a need for a scientific team to use and rely daily on IT "heavier" systems. That data need storage to sit on, to be shared, need different software solutions for analysis, then to be sorted and archived. We take care of that life-cycle of biological data. But also of all the issues and challenges in/directly related to computer technology which our group may come across while researching. These are my responsibilities.

Contact: pe243[at]


Dan-Mircea Mirea

Research Assistant/Data Scientist

I graduated from the University of Cambridge, Trinity College in 2019 with a BA in Biochemistry and an MSci in Systems Biology. During my undergraduate studies I had the opportunity to carry out research internationally as an Amgen Scholar at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and a summer intern at Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich. Increasingly, I found an interest in applying computational methods to tackling complex biological systems, which informed my choice of Masters studies. For my Masters thesis I worked on a computational model of rodent hippocampal replay events using reinforcement learning. Currently, I am exploring my interest in psychiatry and clinical research as a Data Scientist in the Bahn lab, where I am responsible for analysing and modelling digital and proteomic biomarker data from clinical trials. I am interested in the power of leveraging multiple types of biological data for reducing heterogeneity and redefining the diagnostic system in psychiatry, and am hoping to combine this with my interest in computational neuroscience for my PhD studies.

Contact: dmm66[at]


Nitin Rustogi

Senior Chief Research Technician

NitinScience has always fascinated me. I completed my B.Tech in Biotechnology from Maharishi Dayanand University (India) where I learned in depth about various aspects of biotechnology. A Masters of Research in Biotechnology from University of Essex (UK) gave me further insight in to the warps and woofs of international research practices. During my dissertation, I got involved in clinical proteomics using mass spectrometry. I have been working in the field of mass spectrometry based proteomics for over 5 years now and hone excellent technical skills. Scientific research has its origins in a very fundamental human character curiosity. It is very important though, to ask the right question. Research in biotechnology has raised many relevant questions and I would like to be one of the people working towards the answers.

Contact: nr412[at]