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Psynova Neurotech Ltd (SME)

In 2005, Professor Bahn co-founded Psynova Neurotech Ltd., which, together with Rules Based Medicine (RBM) has launched the first blood test aiding in the early diagnosis of Schizophrenia. In 2011 Psynova Neurotech and RBM have been acquired by Myriad Genetics, a NASDAQ listed company.

Psynova Services

Psynova Neurotech Ltd is focusing on the biomarker discovery program in the field of neuropsychiatric diseases. In line with our research programme in Psynova we have developed a comprehensive and cost-effective multiplexed platform called Neuropsych, which is currently offered to our clients under commercial terms. The neuropsych platform targets numerous serum and plasma proteins that have been implicated in psychiatric disorders including Schizophrenia, Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disease. Our targeted approach and analyte selection is based on over 20 years of experience in the field of biomarker discovery evidenced by more than 180 scientific publications.

The platform consists of two complementary high-throughput approaches, multiplex immunoassay and multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) mass spectrometry. The dual approach allows us to measure analytes quantitatively across a wider concentration range. Both methods were developed not to require pre-fractionation and therefore eliminates this as a potential source of artefactual variability. Also the sample preparation protocol is managed by a robotic instrument in order to minimise human error and increase robustness. The assays have been validated for serum and plasma samples reducing the risk of high percentage of missing data effect. The assays were established for small amounts of sample, with MRM requiring less than 1ul of serum for the analysis of over 100 analytes.