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Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research


Benedetta Spadaro


PhD Student

After graduating in Natural Sciences (Pharmacology), I pursued a Master in Therapeutic Sciences at the University of Cambridge. During my Master, I investigated the future role of digital approaches in disease diagnoses and treatments, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of clinical and business considerations required for a successful target product profile. I also developed skills in clinical trial design and in the regulatory frameworks governing the approval of diagnostic technologies.

My primary research interest is to design evidence-based diagnostics that can aid triage and treatment of neuropsychiatric conditions. As research assistant in the Bahn Lab, I am conducting systematic reviews on digital and non-digital mental health assessments to identify underserved patient populations and disease areas. I also work on both qualitative and quantitative studies to define the feasibility and validity of digital diagnostic approaches in psychiatry.

Contact: bs583[at]