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Global Clinical Network

The central goal of the CCNR is to generate a seamless interface that will link fundamental research using the latest biotechnological advances directly with patient care. This can only be achieved with a dedicated, focused research effort of a large research team operating in a multidisciplinary fashion. The key to our success is access to large well-characterised patient populations. 

The Bahn lab has unique access to rare high quality clinical samples through existing collaborations with more than 10 clinical centres in a worldwide network. 

Translation to the clinic is being carried out via a development agreement with Myriad-RBM Inc (Austin, TX, USA) and Myriad Genetics Inc (Salt Lake City, UT, USA), using their high throughput multiple analyte platform (MAP), and through collaborations within our department. Integration of data from analysis of both brain and peripheral tissues is being used to develop novel therapeutic strategies.  

Clinical centres


  • Mannheim; Cologne; Magdeburg; Muenster and Wurzburg/Germany;
  • Rotterdam; Utrecht; Amsterdam; Nijmegen/Netherland
  • Cambridge Autism Research Centre,
  • Paris (Inserm U894) and Creteil/France
  • Copenhagen/Denmark
  • Santander/Spain
  • Military cohort Silver Spring
  • Baltimore/Chevy Chase

Industry partners 

  • Psynova Neurotech Ldt.
  • Myriad RBM Inc.
  • Myriad Genetics In.
  • Waters Inc.
  • Roche
  • IMI initiative (Lundbeck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca)